Welcome to official website of Concord Public School.

Welcome to Concord Public School

A good school should nurture children to learn, understand and apply their knowledge .This is the principle behind the Concord Public School.Concord Public School run by Kannur Educational International Trust is a CBSE syllabus school located at Kannur, Kerala. The school creates an excellent learning atmosphere to make learning fun but not a burden .

We encourage our children to think, open up and express themselves without inhibitions. We make them globally competitive by providing quality education and grooming them to international standards. Through our innovative teaching techniques, we prepare citizens of tomorrow whowould have well rounded personality – academic knowledge, co-curricular activities, morals and values.

Concord Public School brings a new wave in imparting education in the Kannur district. This school is centrally located in Muttannur near Chalode town in Kannur district, close to the Kannur International Airport and is easily accessible by road from the nearby towns and villages. The school provides a very warm and compassionate learning atmosphere for the child to learn and grow as a person.

“The power of knowledge to brighten the future”


We envision developing the institution into a world class public school with state-of-the-art Infrastructure and technology, to empower students to acquire knowledge, value and skills which will make them globally competent, socially committed and lifelong learners.


We endeavor to promote effective learning through well structured classes, employ qualified and competent teachers .we also strive to promote overall personal development through co-curricular and extracurricular activities.


We aim at imparting quality education, to inspire pupils to empower themselves to achieve nobler goals for building a better nation.


The primary objective of the school is the harmonious development of the personality of the child and the building up of his character which will enable him to face the challenges of life. The school also helps the child to develop his innate abilities and skills in understanding, evaluating and applying the knowledge imparted to him and to enhance the glorious cultural tradition to which he belongs. According to Concord’s educational philosophy, “The ideal education should impart knowledge, shape character and mould the personality of the child”.